After Effects Secret Preferences

After Effects Secret Preferences

Did you know that After Effects has a secret preference menu that could save you a lot of headache on your next render?  By holding down the shift key when launching the preference window a “secret” menu appears giving users more options they can set.

Ok, If you are like me you’ve had After Effects stop in the middle of a render saying:

“After Effects error: Unable to allocate space for a #### x #### image buffer.”

And no matter how much you adjust your memory settings it doesn’t seem to fix the problem, right? This has happen to me from time to time, especially when rendering movies that are 1920 x 1080. Ok, well here’s a quick fix that’ll prevent that from happening. We are going to use a “secret” preference! I know it’s exciting…

Step 1; Ok hold down Shift and go to the Preferences menu and select any of the options.

After Effects Preferences

Step 2; Now when the window pops up go back to the drop down menu and you’ll notice there is now a “Secret” preference!

After Effects Secret Preferences

Step 3; Inside the Secret Preference you’ll see an option to Purge Every ## Frames. You can now put in a frame number that will force After Effects to purge frames when rendering. Usually 0 or 1 frames is a good number to use. This will slow your rendering down a bit, but at least it’ll finish rendering without giving your any problems.

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