Microsoft Store: Internet Explorer 9

A new panoramic motion graphic created for the Microsoft Store’s video wall based on the new Internet Explorer 9 commercial.   Just like the tv spot this motion piece is filled with bright flashes, catchy vibes, and lens flares as big as 10,000+ pixels wide! Read more

Microsoft Store: Windows 7 Step Up

A large scale panoramic motion graphic piece created for the Windows 7 Step Up campaign for the Microsoft Store.  For this video wall we wanted to capture the excitement and fun feeling created from the Windows commercial. Read more

Microsoft Store: Skype

Skype and Microsoft have come together once again to bring you a new and exciting theme for the MS Store video wall.  Celebrating the release of Skype on the Windows Phone the new Skype theme showcases the many different ways you can use Skype on all your Window’s devices.  Working along side Skype’s marketing team the new Skype theme features a new branding style along with exciting new animations that mirror the Window’s Phone app. Read more

Microsoft Store: Star Wars Kinect

In a Microsoft Store far far away…

The new Star Wars Kinect game for Xbox removes the controller and brings the user into the Star Wars universe allowing them to act out all their favorite Jedi moves.  For this concept I recreated the infamous Star Wars intro credits that stretch across the entire video wall in the Microsoft Stores. The final combined resolution of the video piece was 57000 x 1080 pixels. Read more

Microsoft Store: Now’s the Time

Now’s the Time… to check out the new video wall theme at your local Microsoft store.  The “Now’s the Time” video wall motion graphics were put together in just a few weeks using lots and lots of key frames and layers to create an 8 bit pixel animated look and feel.

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Microsoft Store: Halo

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Microsoft Store: Call of Duty 3

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Microsoft Store: Halloween

It’s Halloween time at the Microsoft Store!  And what better way to celebrate the holiday than a fun and exciting theme featuring your favorite classic monsters.   The Halloween theme is a 57,000 pixel animated cartoon that engages the audience the minute they walk into the store.  Look closely and you’ll see an owl playing Xbox against a witch or a group of ghosts jumping and dancing to an Xbox Kinect.   There’s a story placed in each quad throughout the store so no matter where a customer is they can always look up and enjoy a fun, quirky animation to brighten up their shopping experience.

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Black Eyed Peas

A piece showcasing the background motion graphics I created for the Black Eyed Peas’ “E.N.D. 2009 World Tour.”