Toy Design

Toy Design: Troubled Times in Mario World

For the longest time I’ve wanted to take my “Troubled Times in Mario World” illustration and turn it into a 3D model so I could get a 3D print made of it and stick it on my desk.  Here is the progress I’ve made so far.  Character modeling was never my strongest skill but I think I’m starting to get the hang of it again. Read more

“Mario Rises” Doodle

A quick doodle of Mario in his famous cape.

Mario’s Tanooki Suit

So I recently got my hands on some Prismacolor markers and started sketching out some illustrations with them.  The illustration above is one of the sketches I created, it depicts a darker concept of Mario in his Raccoon Suit.  I love the textures and feel that markers have and I’ll start posting some more illustrations I create with them.

Troubled Times in Mario World

Troubled Times in Mario World

Hard times have fallen upon the once plentiful and happy Mario World.  This illustration was created in Adobe Ideas, a vector drawing application for the iPad.

Microsoft Store: Star Wars Kinect

In a Microsoft Store far far away…

The new Star Wars Kinect game for Xbox removes the controller and brings the user into the Star Wars universe allowing them to act out all their favorite Jedi moves.  For this concept I recreated the infamous Star Wars intro credits that stretch across the entire video wall in the Microsoft Stores. The final combined resolution of the video piece was 57000 x 1080 pixels. Read more

Microsoft Store: Halo

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Microsoft Store: Call of Duty 3

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super mario bros frog suit video game

Mario Bros Frog Suit

A stylized illustration of the famous video game Super Mario Bros, featuring Mario in his frog suit.

Assassin Creed 3: Over-Logging

Assassin’s Creed 3: Over-Logging is a short animated cartoon I wrote, directed, and animated. It is based off of the popular game created by Ubisoft that parodies some of the games key plots. In the actual Assassin Creed game your character, Desmond Miles, is forced to relive the memories of his ancestors using a device called the Animus. The goal is to located important artifacts called the “Pieces of Eden” before the Templars can get their hands on them.

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