Giant Mutant Fish Low Poly Art

Giant Mutant Fish Low Poly Art

A stylized 3d illustration created using the minimal amount of polygons.  In this illustration toxic waste barrels mutate the local fish into giant mutant creatures that wreck havoc upon the nearby residents. Read more

Duet v5
Duet v4
Duet v3
Duet v1

Duet Illustration

This week’s Illustration Friday’s topic is “Duet.”  For my submission I chose to create a two headed toxic mutant performing a duet with it’s other head.  Sure it’s a little strange but hey that seems to be my style here.

Giant Mutant Killer Centipede
Giant Mutant Killer Crab
Giant Mutant Killer Birds
Giant Mutant Killer Penguin
Giant Mutant Fish

Giant Mutant Creatures Attack!

Giant Mutant Creatures, once the world was a landscape of peace and tranquility.  Until one day when a barrel of toxic waste grossly mutated the local wildlife into giant killer creatures, bent on wrecking havoc upon the inhabitants.  Now it is a fight for these poor people to defend their once peaceful home against these toxic creatures!


Giant Mutant Machines

A new set of illustrations in a series called “Giant Killer Machines Attack!” featuring different machines or tools used in different mediums (mostly film and graphic design).  These machines/tools have gone rogue and are on the loose and attacking nearby civilizations!