An illustration I’ve been working on of Sinestro created in Adobe Ideas on the iPad. Read more

Indigo Lantern

Indigo Lantern

Started working on a dual oni blade wielding Indigo Lantern in Adobe Ideas on the iPad. Read more

Adobe Ideas Red Lantern

Red Lantern Illustration

A Red Lantern Corps illustration created in Adobe Ideas on the iPad.

Adobe Ideas Green Lantern Samurai

Adobe Ideas: Green Lantern Samurai

Today I created a new sketch in Adobe Ideas featuring a Green Lantern Samurai. ¬†The idea for this piece came from a series of Green Lantern doodles I created several months back of a “what if” scenario¬†where different characters throughout history were chosen to be a Green Lantern. Read more

Green Lantern Viking Warrior
Green Lantern Pirate
Green Lantern Knight
Green Lantern Caveman
Green Lantern Greek

Green Lantern: Across Time Doodles

What if instead of Hal Jordan being the first human Green Lantern it was a pirate? or caveman? or even one of the knights of King Arthur’s Round Table? Well imagine no more.

In this set of illustrations I created you can see what a Green Lantern Viking Warrior would look like, along with other popular characters throughout time. Enjoy!

Hal Jordan
Red Lantern
Black Lantern
Sapphire Lantern
Shark Lantern
Green Lantern Samauri
Fish Bowl

Green Lantern Doodles

A set of Green Lantern doodles I created showcasing some of the classic characters from the series…along with a few extras I added in the mix.