Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Hulk

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Hulk

What happens when you bombard Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter with gamma rays?  You get an unstoppable vampire hunting machine!

Snakecolpios Doodle Monster

Snakecolpios Doodle Monster

A new doodle monster featuring the ferocious Snakecolpios attacking the Seattle Space Needle. Oh the horror!

Illustration was created entirely on the iPad using various drawing and photography apps.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter doodle

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter doodle

A quick little doodle character for the upcoming movie “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.”

Giant Space Man Doodle

Giant Space Man Doodle

Another iPad doodle creation, Giant Space Man features a giant space doodle terrorizing the streets of Seattle.  The entire image was created on the iPad using various drawing and photography apps.

Kropus Doodle Monster

It’s been awhile since my last doodle monster illustration, today starts a new series of doodle monsters. Enjoy!

Adobe Ideas Sketch Electric Man

Electric Man

Another sketch created in Adobe Ideas.  I actually enjoyed the “sketchy” feel of this piece so much I decided to stop progress on it rather than doing the usual clean up process most sketches go through.

Lord Slug doodle

A quick doodle of the Lord Slug character from the Dragonball Z series.

Clay Face Doodle Halftone

Clay Face Doodle

Playing around with the halftone effects in Photoshop.

Crab Monster Doodle

A monster crab doodle attacking a nearby beach!

Spider King Doodle Illustration

Spider King Doodle

The Giant Spider King reigns over his domain!

Robotic Brain

Robotic Brain Doodle

A gigantic robot killer brain doodle!

Alien Attack Doodle

Alien Attack Doodle!

An alien doodle has a major freak out in the middle of downtown, I’m guessing traffic was too much for him…