The Parasite sketch

The Parasite

Carnage symboite sketch


Spiderman Venom ooze

Spiderman Ooze

Touching ooze from a fallen meteorite can be bad for you Spiderman…


An illustration I’ve been working on of Sinestro created in Adobe Ideas on the iPad. Read more

Adobe Ideas Zombie Ninja Illustration

Adobe Ideas: Zombie Ninja

A new sketch created in Adobe Ideas of a zombie ninja throwing a fireball!  My fingers were a little sore after creating the texture for the fire. Read more

Adobe Ideas Darkk Illustration

Adobe Ideas: Darkk

A new sketch created in Adobe Ideas on the iPad.  The goal for this piece was to experiment with different “inking” techniques in Adobe Ideas.  The character kinda evolved as I was creating him, originally starting out more elf-like he now kinda reminds me more of Nightcrawler from the X-Men. Read more

iPad: Paper

In this tutorial I walk you through the steps I used to create this super hero illustration using the drawing application Paper by FiftyThree for the iPad. Read more

Vegeta vs Zarbon Transformed

You Don’t F*#k With Zarbon

An illustration depicting the transformed Zarbon about the finish off the Sayian Prince Vegeta.

Adobe Ideas Sketch Electric Man

Electric Man

Another sketch created in Adobe Ideas.  I actually enjoyed the “sketchy” feel of this piece so much I decided to stop progress on it rather than doing the usual clean up process most sketches go through.

Adobe Ideas Sketch Lightning Blade

Lightning Blade

So I started playing around with Adobe Ideas the other day and I gotta say I think it’s starting to become one of my favorite iPad apps for sketching and illustrating.  I think the biggest plus to this app is the fact that all the sketches are vector and I can import them into Photoshop or Illustrator with no loss of quality.

Clay Face Doodle Halftone

Clay Face Doodle

Playing around with the halftone effects in Photoshop.

Green Lantern Viking Warrior
Green Lantern Pirate
Green Lantern Knight
Green Lantern Caveman
Green Lantern Greek

Green Lantern: Across Time Doodles

What if instead of Hal Jordan being the first human Green Lantern it was a pirate? or caveman? or even one of the knights of King Arthur’s Round Table? Well imagine no more.

In this set of illustrations I created you can see what a Green Lantern Viking Warrior would look like, along with other popular characters throughout time. Enjoy!