Adobe Ideas Darkk Illustration

Adobe Ideas: Darkk

A new sketch created in Adobe Ideas on the iPad.  The goal for this piece was to experiment with different “inking” techniques in Adobe Ideas.  The character kinda evolved as I was creating him, originally starting out more elf-like he now kinda reminds me more of Nightcrawler from the X-Men. Read more

Adobe Touch Apps: Creating Mario’s Flower Power

Using both Adobe Ideas and Photoshop Touch I’ll show you how to create illustrations and effects on your iPad. Read more

Intro to Adobe Ideas

An introduction to Adobe Ideas a drawing application on the iPad that lets you sketch out your ideas in complete vector form. Because there is no loss in quality, any sketch or illustration on the iPad can easily be turned into an enormous banner that could cover your local skyscraper. You can even import your Adobe Ideas files into Illustrator or Photoshop to continue to refine your creation. Read more

Adobe Ideas Sketch Noire


Sketched out a more noire-comic style illustration in Adobe Ideas.

Troubled Times in Mario World

Troubled Times in Mario World

Hard times have fallen upon the once plentiful and happy Mario World.  This illustration was created in Adobe Ideas, a vector drawing application for the iPad.

Adobe Ideas Sketch Electric Man

Electric Man

Another sketch created in Adobe Ideas.  I actually enjoyed the “sketchy” feel of this piece so much I decided to stop progress on it rather than doing the usual clean up process most sketches go through.

Adobe Ideas Sketch Lightning Blade

Lightning Blade

So I started playing around with Adobe Ideas the other day and I gotta say I think it’s starting to become one of my favorite iPad apps for sketching and illustrating.  I think the biggest plus to this app is the fact that all the sketches are vector and I can import them into Photoshop or Illustrator with no loss of quality.