Microsoft Store: Low Poly Summer

It’s time to slap on the sunscreen and head down to your nearest Microsoft Store to checkout the new Low Poly Summer animation.  Enjoy your time on the beach with the Windows Phone characters playing volleyball or take to the wilderness and roast some marshmellows over an open flame.
For the first time there we have two separate scenes playing out on the different video walls along with a day and night version of each.  So now you can watch the sunset over the beach or count the stars in the mountains.
Header-1920x1080low poly summer 2low poly summer 1  Right_Bridge_DayBeach Scene 1 Day (00015)Beach Scene 6 Day (00372) Beach Scene 3 Day (00336)  Right_Middle_Day1Right_Bridge_Day-compareRight_Bridge_Day2Left_Bridge_DayLeft_Bridge_Day2Camp Scene 2 Night (00044)  Camp Scene 1 Night (00148)Camp Scene 1 Day (00154)   Left_Bridge_Day-compare Left_Bridge_Day

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