Giant Mutant Fish “Low Poly Art”

Giant Mutant Fish “Low Poly Art”

A stylized 3d illustration created using the minimal amount of polygons.  In this illustration toxic waste barrels mutate the local fish into giant mutant creatures that wreck havoc upon the nearby residents.

From Concept to Final Render

Below is the concept illustration for this piece that I created a while back.  Given the composition and design I thought this would be a great starting point in learning how make low poly art.

Giant Mutant Fish Concept Art

Giant Mutant Fish Low Poly Art

Mutant Fish Low Poly Art 2

Mutant Fish Low Poly Art 3

Mutant Fish Low Poly Art 4

Mutant Fish Low Poly Art 5

Mutant Fish Low Poly Art 6

How to Create Low Poly Art

Want to create your own low poly art in Cinema 4D?  Here are a few tips I learned while creating this illustration:

Phong Tag

By adjusting the Phong Angle you can control how Cinema 4D blends the polygons together, taking the angle down to 0 degrees will help create that sharp contrast look you see in low poly art.

Cinema 4D Phong Tag

C4D Phong Angle Low Poly

Reduce Polygon Deformer

You can use the Reduce Polygon Deformer to take high res models and convert them into low res.

Polygon Reduction Tool

Render Perfect Circles

When using the Polygon Sphere make sure to uncheck the Render Perfect setting to tell Cinema 4D not to smooth out the polygons.  Also consider switching the sphere Type from Standard to another option depending on what your desired effect is.

C4D Polygon Circles

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