“Mario Rises” Doodle

A quick doodle of Mario in his famous cape.

Microsoft Store: Internet Explorer 9

A new panoramic motion graphic created for the Microsoft Store’s video wall based on the new Internet Explorer 9 commercial.   Just like the tv spot this motion piece is filled with bright flashes, catchy vibes, and lens flares as big as 10,000+ pixels wide! Read more

iPad: Paper

In this tutorial I walk you through the steps I used to create this super hero illustration using the drawing application Paper by FiftyThree for the iPad. Read more

iPad: Revenge of Doodles Tutorial

Over the past few months I’ve received several emails asking how I created the doodle monsters for my “Revenge of the Doodle” series of illustrations. Each of these illustrations was created entirely on an iPad using various drawing and photography apps and in this tutorial I use an application called “Sketch Club” for my doodle illustrations. Read more

iPad Tip: Screen Capture

In this tutorial I walk you through the steps necessary to screen capture your iPad screen.


Reflection AppWe’ll use an application called Reflection which lets you AirPlay mirror your iPad or iPhone onto your desktop through your wireless connection.  Once the device is displayed on your desktop you can use any screen capturing software to record whatever you do on your iPad. Read more

Giant Mutant Fish Low Poly Art

Giant Mutant Fish Low Poly Art

A stylized 3d illustration created using the minimal amount of polygons.  In this illustration toxic waste barrels mutate the local fish into giant mutant creatures that wreck havoc upon the nearby residents. Read more