Giant Space Man Doodle

Giant Space Man Doodle

Another iPad doodle creation, Giant Space Man features a giant space doodle terrorizing the streets of Seattle.  The entire image was created on the iPad using various drawing and photography apps.

Kropus Doodle Monster

It’s been awhile since my last doodle monster illustration, today starts a new series of doodle monsters. Enjoy!

Newton After Effects Plugin Tests

A collection of motion tests demonstrating the Newton plugin applied to a character rig in After Effects.  Newton is an After Effects plugin that creates simulations and dynamics and when applied to a character you can create a ragged doll effect. Read more


Seattle Stereographic Images

This weekend I took a road trip up to the Olympic Mountains in Washington and using the 360 app for the iPhone I took a bunch of panoramic images. The application also lets you take your panoramic images and apply a stereographic filter to them making them look like a tiny planet.

Mario’s Tanooki Suit

So I recently got my hands on some Prismacolor markers and started sketching out some illustrations with them.  The illustration above is one of the sketches I created, it depicts a darker concept of Mario in his Raccoon Suit.  I love the textures and feel that markers have and I’ll start posting some more illustrations I create with them.

Microsoft Store: Skype

Skype and Microsoft have come together once again to bring you a new and exciting theme for the MS Store video wall.  Celebrating the release of Skype on the Windows Phone the new Skype theme showcases the many different ways you can use Skype on all your Window’s devices.  Working along side Skype’s marketing team the new Skype theme features a new branding style along with exciting new animations that mirror the Window’s Phone app. Read more