Vegeta vs Zarbon Transformed

You Don’t F*#k With Zarbon

An illustration depicting the transformed Zarbon about the finish off the Sayian Prince Vegeta.

Troubled Times in Mario World

Troubled Times in Mario World

Hard times have fallen upon the once plentiful and happy Mario World.  This illustration was created in Adobe Ideas, a vector drawing application for the iPad.

Adobe Ideas Sketch Electric Man

Electric Man

Another sketch created in Adobe Ideas.  I actually enjoyed the “sketchy” feel of this piece so much I decided to stop progress on it rather than doing the usual clean up process most sketches go through.

Microsoft Store: Star Wars Kinect

In a Microsoft Store far far away…

The new Star Wars Kinect game for Xbox removes the controller and brings the user into the Star Wars universe allowing them to act out all their favorite Jedi moves.  For this concept I recreated the infamous Star Wars intro credits that stretch across the entire video wall in the Microsoft Stores. The final combined resolution of the video piece was 57000 x 1080 pixels. Read more

Adobe Ideas Sketch Lightning Blade

Lightning Blade

So I started playing around with Adobe Ideas the other day and I gotta say I think it’s starting to become one of my favorite iPad apps for sketching and illustrating.  I think the biggest plus to this app is the fact that all the sketches are vector and I can import them into Photoshop or Illustrator with no loss of quality.