Clay Face Doodle Halftone

Clay Face Doodle

Playing around with the halftone effects in Photoshop.

Crab Monster Doodle

A monster crab doodle attacking a nearby beach!

Spider King Doodle Illustration

Spider King Doodle

The Giant Spider King reigns over his domain!

Robotic Brain

Robotic Brain Doodle

A gigantic robot killer brain doodle!

Alien Attack Doodle

Alien Attack Doodle!

An alien doodle has a major freak out in the middle of downtown, I’m guessing traffic was too much for him…

Caterpillar Doodle on Mushroom

Caterpillar Doodle

The minute I saw this giant mushroom outside our place I knew it would make a great background for another doodle monster.  It was a toss-up from either doing a Mario Bros. concept or an Alice in Wonderland reference.