Hal Jordan
Red Lantern
Black Lantern
Sapphire Lantern
Shark Lantern
Green Lantern Samauri
Fish Bowl

Green Lantern Doodles

A set of Green Lantern doodles I created showcasing some of the classic characters from the series…along with a few extras I added in the mix.

Bleach vs the Sixth Sense

“Bleach vs. the Sixth Sense” is a short animated cartoon that was created in two days that parodies two different entertainment genres. The Sixth Sense is a live action movie that tells the tale of a young boy, Cole, who can see and talk to dead people. In the movie Bruce Willis’ character tries to help Cole through his dilemma but turns out to be a ghost unbeknown to himself. Read more

Total Eclipse

Total Eclipse is a short animated cartoon directed, written, and animated by Ryan Boyle. It parodies a real life experience where a group of younger office workers were discussing what time they were going to go see the “Eclipse”. Of course the oldest of the group didn’t know that they were referring to the newest Twilight movie that had just come out. Well, you can imagine the what happens next… Read more

When Doodles Attack 1
When Doodles Attack 2
When Doodles Attack 3
When Doodles Attack 4
When Doodles Attack 5

When Doodles Attack!

These photos were taken by the ShakeItPhoto app on the iPhone. It’s all in-camera effects, I created each one by cutting out a doodle from my sketch pad then taping it to a piece of glass and then lined up the camera lens to match each side of the building.