Ghost Rider: The Later Years

Directed | Written | Animated by Ryan Boyle

Ghost Rider is a comic book character created by Marvel where Johnny Blaze agrees to give his soul to Mephisto in order to save the life of his mentor.  Johnny’s soul is then bonded to a demon entity called Zarathos that transforms him into a motorcycle-hellfire-flaming-skull crime fighter.

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Assassin Creed 3: Over-Logging

Assassin’s Creed 3: Over-Logging is a short animated cartoon I wrote, directed, and animated. It is based off of the popular game created by Ubisoft that parodies some of the games key plots. In the actual Assassin Creed game your character, Desmond Miles, is forced to relive the memories of his ancestors using a device called the Animus. The goal is to located important artifacts called the “Pieces of Eden” before the Templars can get their hands on them.

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Duet v5
Duet v4
Duet v3
Duet v1

Duet Illustration

This week’s Illustration Friday’s topic is “Duet.”  For my submission I chose to create a two headed toxic mutant performing a duet with it’s other head.  Sure it’s a little strange but hey that seems to be my style here.