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Your Doodles: Ryan Boyle

Recently I had some of my doodles showcased on a good friend’s new site DoodlesMcGee.  If you haven’t checked it out yet you should drop that cup of coffee in your hand and run screaming to the nearest computer.    DoodlesMcGee is a great site started by Christopher Arnold to showcase doodles, cartoon, and other various artwork.

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Design Day 101 Button Compare

Design Day 101

Design Day 101, is a presentation held by Thinkwell Design and Productions where top theme park designers share information about the business.  I was approached by Thinkwell to design a button for this event.  The criteria was simple, something  “fun” and “simple.”  Since the presentation was about theme parks and design I sketched out a few ideas that would play with the concept of “theme park design.”  The final result is the image below.  Cool, right?

mutant bird illustration

Giant Mutant Killer Birds

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Super Slobber Dog

SUPER SLOBBER DOG! is an iPhone game I worked on creating Graphic and UI designs.  I also directed and created the game play trailer which you can watch below.   Since parts of the game take place in WW2 we wanted to incorporate a propaganda poster style to all the art.

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Instructional Design Reel

For about 3 years I worked as an Instructional Designer, taking educational content and converting them into animations, films, and motion graphics.  I created each and every piece in the reel you are about to see below,  from the illustrations to the animations.  As an Instructional Designer I truly had to be a jack of all trades.  I used a wide range of tools and software combined with learning objectives, like Bloom’s Taxonomy, to create well rounded and educational pieces of content.

Piranha 3D

The following montage contains various shots I worked on as a Compositor on the remake of the 1978 classic horror movie PIranha.  Working on this movie gave me a chance to get my feet wet in Stereoscopic Compositing techniques in one of the opening shots.