Alien People Eater

Learn how to illustrate an alien people eater character in Photoshop.

Animating Pixel Art in Photoshop

Creating your own pixel animation in Photoshop is as easy as it is fun!  Using Photoshop’s Animation panel you can switch between animating with the timeline or frames view.  Heck, Photoshop can even create inbetween frames of animation between two keyframes based on the object’s position, opacity, or effects.  The process is quite simple so pull up a chair and grab some coffee and let’s get started…

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After Effects On and Off Expression

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to add an After Effects expression that will randomly turn on and off a layer’s opacity to create a blinking effect.

Creating Pixel Art in Pixelmator

Learn how to create your very own pixel art using the popular image editing tool Pixelmator.

Creating Pixel Art in Photoshop

Learn how to create your own pixel art in Photoshop.

Creating Pixel Art in Illustrator

Using everyone’s favorite vector program, learn how to create your very own pixel art in Illustrator.

Wiggle on Position

Learn how to apply expressions in After Effects to separate x and y positions.

Door Type

Learn how to recreate a 3D typographic effect using Cinema 4D and Photoshop. Read more

Font Crash

Learn how to shatter type in this exciting Cinema 4D tutorial. Read more

Dotted Lines in Cinema 4D

Learn how to create animated dotted lines in Cinema 4D.  You can view the text version of this tutorial here. Read more

Planet Tutorial

Learn how to take a panoramic image and create a globe with 3D text in Cinema 4D and Photoshop. Read more

Faking Motion Capture in After Effects

Learn how to fake motion capture animation in After Effects. Read more