Gasworks Park tiny planet

Tiny Planet: Gasworks Park

HDRI stereographic photographs taken from Gasworks Park in Seattle, WA.  I’ve also included a link to download the 360×180 stereographic HDRI you can use for global illumination in any 3d application.  The files are huge so you might need to give them some time to download, they’re roughly over 12000 × 5900 pixels. Read more

Space Needle tiny planet

Tiny Planet: Space Needle 3

A stereographic photo taken from the art museum across from the Seattle Space Needle.  You can download the 360×180 HDRI image HERE.

Washington Mountains

Washington State Mountains

A photo I took across from the Cascade mountain range in Washington State.

Seattle Space Needle Stereographic Photo

Seattle Space Needle Tiny Planet

A stereographic panoramic from the base of the Seattle Space Needle.

iPad: Revenge of Doodles Tutorial

Over the past few months I’ve received several emails asking how I created the doodle monsters for my “Revenge of the Doodle” series of illustrations. Each of these illustrations was created entirely on an iPad using various drawing and photography apps and in this tutorial I use an application called “Sketch Club” for my doodle illustrations. Read more

Final Cut Pro waveform art

Final Cut Pro Waveform Art

Noticed an interesting effect created in the Histogram panel in Final Cut Pro while I was editing some video.

Giant Space Man Doodle

Giant Space Man Doodle

Another iPad doodle creation, Giant Space Man features a giant space doodle terrorizing the streets of Seattle.  The entire image was created on the iPad using various drawing and photography apps.

Kropus Doodle Monster

It’s been awhile since my last doodle monster illustration, today starts a new series of doodle monsters. Enjoy!


Seattle Stereographic Images

This weekend I took a road trip up to the Olympic Mountains in Washington and using the 360 app for the iPhone I took a bunch of panoramic images. The application also lets you take your panoramic images and apply a stereographic filter to them making them look like a tiny planet.

Flare Presets

Flare is an amazing photography app created by the Iconfactory that let’s you easily apply effects and filters to your photographs. You can download the additional Flare presets I created below to add to your collection! Read more


Seattle Pixel Art

If you’re a fan of pixel art and happen to be in the Seattle area you’re in for a treat.  Walking past some of the buildings in downtown you might catch a glimpse of some 8 bit art in the windows residents and employees made using post-it notes.  It’s pretty creative and I can only hope this trend catches on and we start seeing more of these popping up everywhere.


Seattle Snow Storm

Photographs from the recent snow storm that hit the Seattle residents this week.