Gasworks Park tiny planet

Tiny Planet: Gasworks Park

HDRI stereographic photographs taken from Gasworks Park in Seattle, WA.  I’ve also included a link to download the 360×180 stereographic HDRI you can use for global illumination in any 3d application.  The files are huge so you might need to give them some time to download, they’re roughly over 12000 × 5900 pixels. Read more

Adobe Ideas Templates

As you may know Adobe Ideas has become one of my favorite drawing applications for the iPad. Over the past couple of weeks I started putting together some template files for Adobe Ideas.  At first I started out with just a few storyboard templates, but I couldn’t help making a few more for future projects.  In Adobe Ideas you get one photo layer to use as reference along with 10 drawing layers. You can download the templates below and add them to your single photo layer. Read more

Flare Presets

Flare is an amazing photography app created by the Iconfactory that let’s you easily apply effects and filters to your photographs. You can download the additional Flare presets I created below to add to your collection! Read more