2014 Doodle Monster

So far 2014 is off to a good start!

The Parasite sketch

The Parasite

Carnage symboite sketch


Spiderman Venom ooze

Spiderman Ooze

Touching ooze from a fallen meteorite can be bad for you Spiderman…

The Shadow doodle

The Shadow

Fungus Bot toy design

Toy Design: Fungus Bot

Over the weekend I took a break from my Troubled Times in Mario World figurine design to model one of my doodles I found when I was flipping through an old sketchbook. Read more

Nomad FLeX stylus

Nomad FLeX

An illustration I created for the Fab 5 Art Contest to promote the release of the new Nomad FLeX stylus.  The illustration was created using Adobe Ideas on the iPad.  Read more

“Mario Rises” Doodle

A quick doodle of Mario in his famous cape.

iPad: Revenge of Doodles Tutorial

Over the past few months I’ve received several emails asking how I created the doodle monsters for my “Revenge of the Doodle” series of illustrations. Each of these illustrations was created entirely on an iPad using various drawing and photography apps and in this tutorial I use an application called “Sketch Club” for my doodle illustrations. Read more

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Hulk

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Hulk

What happens when you bombard Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter with gamma rays?  You get an unstoppable vampire hunting machine!

Snakecolpios Doodle Monster

Snakecolpios Doodle Monster

A new doodle monster featuring the ferocious Snakecolpios attacking the Seattle Space Needle. Oh the horror!

Illustration was created entirely on the iPad using various drawing and photography apps.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter doodle

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter doodle

A quick little doodle character for the upcoming movie “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.”