3D printing with Cinema 4D and Makerbot

3D printing has become more and more popular these days. Thanks to companies like Makerbot you can purchase your own 3D printer small enough to fit on your desk. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to model an alien space craft in Cinema 4D then take it into Makerbot’s Makerware software to create a 3D print. Read more

Cinema 4D: Positive and Negative Lights

A quick introduction to positive and negative lights in Cinema 4D and how to use them to create a sharp, noir-ish looking comic book effect.

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Door Type

Learn how to recreate a 3D typographic effect using Cinema 4D and Photoshop. Read more

Font Crash

Learn how to shatter type in this exciting Cinema 4D tutorial. Read more

Dotted Lines in Cinema 4D

Learn how to create animated dotted lines in Cinema 4D.  You can view the text version of this tutorial here. Read more

Planet Tutorial

Learn how to take a panoramic image and create a globe with 3D text in Cinema 4D and Photoshop. Read more

Rolling Red Carpet

Learn how to create a rolling red carpet effect in Cinema 4D.

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Multiple Materials in Cinema 4D

Learn how to assign multiple materials to one polygon object in Cinema 4D. Read more