Spider King

A giant monster spider attacking the city.

Nomad Mini Ryan Boyle Illustration

Good Things Come in Small Packages

An illustration I created for the Nomad Brush “Good Things Come in Small Packages” contest.  You can check out and vote for your favorite piece here.

Low Poly – Winter

Happy Holidays from the Microsoft store. Enjoy this season with a warm cup of hot cocoa and an extra large low poly animation that spans the entire length of the Microsoft store. From a Windows Phone Reindeer to ice skaters gliding across a frozen lake, this 57000 x 1080 pixel animation has lots of holiday cheer all wrapped up inside. Read more

2014 Doodle Monster

So far 2014 is off to a good start!

Alien Slug Overlord toy design c4d

Toy Design: Alien Slug Overlord

From whiteboard to 3d print, I’ve been sketching out a new toy design of an Alien Slug Overlord character I want to print out. Read more

3D printing with Cinema 4D and Makerbot

3D printing has become more and more popular these days. Thanks to companies like Makerbot you can purchase your own 3D printer small enough to fit on your desk. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to model an alien space craft in Cinema 4D then take it into Makerbot’s Makerware software to create a 3D print. Read more

Cinema 4D Plant Monster Vine Deformer

Monster Vines

Experimenting with Deformers in Cinema 4D.

Superman Kryptonite

Adobe Ideas: Man of Steel

Sketched out this illustration on my iPhone in Adobe Ideas while waiting in line for the new Man of Steel movie.

Noir fireball Adobe Ideas

Adobe Ideas: Noir Fireball

An illustration created in Adobe Ideas.

Gasworks Park tiny planet

Tiny Planet: Gasworks Park

HDRI stereographic photographs taken from Gasworks Park in Seattle, WA.  I’ve also included a link to download the 360×180 stereographic HDRI you can use for global illumination in any 3d application.  The files are huge so you might need to give them some time to download, they’re roughly over 12000 × 5900 pixels. Read more

Space Needle tiny planet

Tiny Planet: Space Needle 3

A stereographic photo taken from the art museum across from the Seattle Space Needle.  You can download the 360×180 HDRI image HERE.

Space Needle tiny planet

Tiny Planet: Space Needle 2

A stereographic photo of the Seattle Space Needle.  Download 360×180 HDRI image HERE.