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As you may know Adobe Ideas has become one of my favorite drawing applications for the iPad. Over the past couple of weeks I started putting together some template files for Adobe Ideas.  At first I started out with just a few storyboard templates, but I couldn’t help making a few more for future projects.  In Adobe Ideas you get one photo layer to use as reference along with 10 drawing layers. You can download the templates below and add them to your single photo layer.

Adobe Ideas Templates storyboard



To use these templates with Adobe Ideas first download the template files and upload them to your Adobe Creative Cloud account.  Once they’ve uploaded you’ll be able to access these files anytime you want.  You can also use your iPhoto, Flickr, or Dropbox accounts if you don’t have a Creative Cloud account (though I highly recommend getting Creative Cloud).

Step 1: Upload template images to your Creative Cloud account.

Adobe Creative Cloud Website

Step 2: Next, launch Adobe Ideas and click on the photo layer button to bring up the Select Photo option and choose Creative Cloud.

iPad Adobe Ideas Creative Cloud

Step 3: Now you will see the template files that you uploaded earlier, select the template you want to use and hit ok.

Creative Cloud Select Photo

Step 4: And when the template has finished downloading you can switch to your drawing layers and start storyboarding!

Adobe Ideas Storyboards

I hope you enjoy these templates and if you have any suggestions or feedback for future templates feel free to contact me.


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