Multiple Materials in Cinema 4D

Learn how to assign multiple materials to one polygon object in Cinema 4D.

Step 1; In Cinema 4d you can assign more than one material to a single object. Create a polygon sphere, then click on the Make Object Editable button or hit “C” on your keyboard. Then select the faces of the top half of the sphere.

Top Polygon Selected

Step 2; Then go to Selection, and Set Selection. Go ahead and give it a name, then deselect the object before making the next selection.

Set Selection

You’ll notice a triangle appears next to the object in the Layer menu, this represents the selected polygons.

Materials Triangle

Step 3; Now repeat the process for the bottom half of the sphere.

Bottom Polygon Selected

Step 4; Now create two new materials and give them whatever color or textures you want. Then select the first triangle and click on the Select Polygons button. The polygons that you previous selected should be highlighted now.

Polygon Selected Cinema 4D

Step 5; Next right click on the material you want to assign to the selected polygons and hit Apply. Now the material should only be applied to those polygons selected.

Apply Texture

Top Texture

Now repeat the process for the other half of the sphere and render out your image. What you should get is an object with 2 separate textures applied to it like the image below.

Cinema 4D Multiple Materials

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