Polaroid Montage

Learn how to create a polaroid montage effect in Photoshop.  You can view the text version of this tutorial here.Step 1: First thing you’re going to need for this tutorial is to import a panoramic image.

photoshop panorama

Step 2: Now Create a new document 8 x 4 inches with 300 dpi, fill the background with black so you can see the Polaroid image we’re about to create. Now using the Rectangle Shape tool create a white rectangle, then with the shape still selected click on the “Subtract” feature. Now draw another rectangle in the center of the original, leaving a bit more room on the bottom than on the top. That should a hole out of the original shape.

photoshop shape subtract tool

photoshop polaroid

Step 3: Now right-click on the Polaroid shape and select Blending Options. Click on Drop ShadowInner Glow, and Gradient Overlay radio buttons. Change the Inner Glow color to white color and change the Gradient Overlaygradient to a light blue and white.

photoshop polaroid color gradient

Step 4: Ok so now click on the Shape tool again and create a black square the same size as the hole in the Polaroid. Move the layer below the Polaroid layer, this will be our mask for the panorama. Now select both the Polaroid layer and the new black square layer then right click and select “Link Layers.” Now when you move or adjust one, the other will be effected too.

Import your panoramic image into the new Photoshop document and move it the very bottom layer.

photoshop polaroid background

Step 5: Now select the Polaroid layer and hold down the option key and drag it to the right. This will duplicate both the polaroid layer and the black square layer. Move the layers below the original layers to put the new Polaroid image behind the old one.

Then rotate the Polaroid image and duplicate it 2 more times till you get an image like the one below.

photoshop polaroids

Step 6: Now it’s time to scale the panorama down to fit in the borders of the polaroid image.

polaroids background scale

Step 7: Duplicate the panoramic image 4 times and place each one above the black square layer. Then hold down the option key and click in between the panoramic layer and the black square layer to mask off the image.

Repeat this process for each Polaroid till your image looks like the one below. You can go ahead now and give your background a nice color or image.

photoshop clipping mask

photoshop polaroid background fill

Step 8:
 Create a Gradient Fill adjustment layer and select which ever color you would like. Change the Blend Mode to Overlay and opacity to 50%.

photoshop polaroid tutorial color

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