Ghost Rider: The Later Years

Directed | Written | Animated by Ryan Boyle

Ghost Rider is a comic book character created by Marvel where Johnny Blaze agrees to give his soul to Mephisto in order to save the life of his mentor.  Johnny’s soul is then bonded to a demon entity called Zarathos that transforms him into a motorcycle-hellfire-flaming-skull crime fighter.

My concept for this short came from the idea that comics rarely ever show time passing or their characters aging.   If they did, Spiderman would be over 75 years old!   I think we can safely say he’d break a hip swinging from New York at that age.   So for this short I wanted to show what some of their characters would look like had they aged with time.  I chose Ghost Rider because his character seemed to lend himself to the satire. Both his bike, now an old person scooter, and his skull’s aged facial expressions provideD excellent comedic material.

ghost rider title screen animation cartoon

ghost rider character design illustration

ghost rider abstract art cartoon animation

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